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Money Robot SEO Software Review

Money Robot Information

    • Owned By Softtech SRL
    • Is a link building software – probably one of the most powerful on the market
    • Ideal for any SEO project large or small
    • Very easy to set up and operate


At the time of writing this, I have been using Money Robot for just over 6 months and in that time I have never stopped being impressed with the effectiveness and power of the software. I thought I would write a review, outlining what Money Robot is exactly, how it works, and share some of the results I have obtained in just a very short period.

What is Money Robot?

Money Robot claims to be the world’s most powerful link building software, and after using it for a while now, I don’t disagree. I’ve been in SEO for over 15 years, ever since 1998 and I have in that time used a multitude of seo software, such as SENuke, Magic Submitter, Link Emperor, and others, and I can honestly say Money Robot is by far the best of the lot, and for a number of reasons, which I will explain in this review.

Who Can Use Money Robot?

It doesn’t matter if you are a one person operation doing affiliate marketing, an seo company managing a number of clients, or a business of any size, looking to boost brand awareness, this software is for you. I consult for a digital marketing agency, and I use Money Robot for their clients, businesses that are large organisations that need to have successful ranking results across a wide market. I also use it for my own projects, promoting a personal blog and getting that ranked with great success.

the software is very easy to use and produces very good results as you will see later on. You can run Money Robot on your own computer or you can run it on a VPS (Virtual Private Server), in fact Money Robot will provide you with one for a small monthly fee, if you need it.

What Type of Links Does Money Robot Make?

It makes a wide selection of links pointing to your site. Google want to see link diversification, they don’t want to see the same link types pointing to your site, so the best way to improve your rankings is to make sure you have different types of links pointing to your site. With Money Robot, this is easily possible.

Here is a list of the link types the software will make

  • Web 2.0 Blogs
    Social Network Posts
    Social Bookmarking
    Web Directories
    Wiki Articles
    Press Release
    Article Directories
    Web 2.0 Profiles
    Forum Profiles

The video below shows you how simple it is to open these accounts and to get the software to start creating posts to these various platforms, with links back to your site.

Money Robot Benefits

  • Multiple link creation – The software creates 100’s of links for you per campaign run
  • Run multiple campaigns – created multiple campaigns per day and have them all running automatically for you
  • Will create content for you – You don’t need to have content written for you, Money Robot will generate the articles and even spin them for you.
  • No need for proxies – Money Robot provides you with its own proxies, thousands of them, so you won’t need the added expense of having to buy your own
  • Automatic captcha completion – Money Robot will solve simple captchas for you, such as calculation captchas, photo captchas, text captchas, etc. For the complex captchas, can add the account details of any major captcha solving service you want to use.
  • One licence can be used on two machines – this gives you double the work capacity – I currently have 5 licences, meaning I have 10 lots of Money Robot operating for me every day, generating 1000’s of quality links day after day


What Results Can You Expect From Money Robot?

Of course very niche is different, every keyword has its own difficulty, so I can’t say that you will get guaranteed results such as number one in Google for the most competitive terms, but I can show you what results I have obtained using Money Robot in the mortgage niche in the UK, at a local level for a client.

I can’t disclose who the client is or the region of the UK they are operating in, but you can see from the results below( as of 24/05/2017) they are beginning to rank high for a wide range of keyword phrases. I started work with the client in November 2016 and their website was brand new with no metrics or history, so I was working from as standing start, something that makes the job to rank, more difficult. Thanks to running multiple Money Robot campaigns for the various keyword terms, I obtained the results you see below.

Simply click on the image to see it full size


What Other Features Does Money Robot Have?

Apart from creating content and links on high powered authority sites, pointing to your money sites, and then powering those links up for greater effect, Money Robot provides other great features as well.

YouTube Videos – As well as being great for ranking videos within both YouTube and Google, Money Robot also provide a great service where you can obtain free views and likes for your videos from over 18,000 trusted and verified real  accounts, which of course will help your videos rank!

Social Media – Want to receive tweets, Facebook & Google Plus shares for your money site or posts on your blog? Money Robot will get your content shared and tweeted for you from over 20,000 verified and real accounts on these social media platforms

Generate Traffic – When your websites get traffic, it helps with the rankings. The more traffic you get the more you start to move up the rankings. There are services out there that offer crowd search services, basically these services are a traffic service, very simple to use, you pay a monthly fee and supposedly they send genuine traffic to your site.  Well rather than spending extra dollars every month to get traffic, Money Robot can send you traffic from various IP’s. The traffic will find your site in the rankings (simply add your url and keywords) the traffic will find you in the serps, visit your site, scroll through your site, click on other pages (which brings your bounce rate down) and stay on your site for a good length of time. This is a great service for your PBN’s as well as your money sites, and it is at no extra cost.

Facebook Community -Money Robot has a great Facebook community where you can get full support from the designers of Money Robot, and other experienced users are there on hand to help and offer suggestions for better ways to use Money Robot and maximise its potential for generating quality rankings. I have found the Facebook community to be excellent help when I got started with Money Robot, and I enjoy giving back by advising and helping new users who are starting out, with hints and tips for them to also maximise the software

Why Not Try it For Free?

Money Robot offers a 7 day free trial. You can download the software to your machine and even join the FB group before buying to get a feel of what is possible when using Money Robot. Or you can jump straight in and either pay $67 a month or pay for your licence as a one off fee of $497 ( remember 1 licence whether you buy monthly or one off, enables you to run the software on two machines) Money Robot also offer a VPS service which starts at $15 a month (this is the one I use)

$15 / month
$26 / month
2 CPU cores 2.4 GHz 3 CPU cores 2.9 GHz
50 GB Disk Space 50 GB Disk Space
Money Robot installed and configured Money Robot installed and configured
This VPS is designed for MR, you can also install other applications on the vps This VPS is designed for MR but it can also run other applications that consume high resources
10-12 MR Threads recommended Unlimited MR Threads supported
Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited
Internet Speed 100MB Internet Speed 1GB

Still Not Convinced Money Robot Is The Best SEO Software And The One For You?

Money Robot are about to launch a brand new product that will blow the market / competitors away, and I am not exaggerating. I will be posting info on it here, when it launches in the next couple of weeks, but for the mean time let me say, if you want to create, authenticate and manage hundred and hundreds of social profiles, such as Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, Google plus profiles etc  from one place, sending social signals to all your sites with no limit, and at no extra cost to the monthly $67 or one off $497, then you need to be aware of what is launching very soon.

In the meantime, I cannot recommend Money Robot highly enough. I am a genuine user, who you will find active in the FB group and I will be more than happy to help you mazimise Money Robot for your SEO.